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    Post by Lelouch on 24/02/09, 06:10 pm

    The VIP membership cost $15.00 United State Dollars,This will give you the access to the hidden forum on Gamers Mania which has Gorgeousness Things.

    VIP membership will be $15.00 USD for 35 days after that expires,you'll need to buy it again

    1.To buy you will need to go on http://gamersmania.forumotion.com/forum.htm

    2.After that you'll click on ''Buying VIP''

    3.On the link you just clicked you'll need to pay for VIP

    4.From there Ill check the Site's Pay Pal and Will immediately add you to VIP Members and You'll get to view the VIP section.If not it will take at least 2 days or 1 to add you on if the admins are not here.

    For more information please don't be shy to pm Chidoriex or Infinityzx

    -For Special Offer of VIP Membership you will need to start paying $25.00 USD only once,then for every month 35 days starting on when you just bought $25.00 USD,you will only need to pay $5.00 USD each month,so if you pay $25.00 USD you will only have to pay $5.00 USD when the first 35 days expires, after that paying $5.00 USD will renew and you'll have 35 days to Be a VIP Membership and so on.

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