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    Post by Hero on 02/03/09, 08:55 pm

    Here are a few ideas I thought up.

    We should have:

    Artist - really talented painters and drawers that go in the Art section.
    Site Helper - Requires Administrator powers to improve the site.
    Event Winner - Gets a little trophy as a mark.
    (maybe) Event Hoster - Hosts events and gives out trophies for the site.

    And we should have little rank sign thingies below our name. (GFX people can do it as an event)

    We should also have some mini mods and selected GFX Designers to moderate the GFX section.

    Just throwing some ideas out to you. If you can, make me an Artist, a site helper (admin powers though this is for improving stuff on the site...you probably don't trust me :/), and an Event Hoster. Maybe a GFX mod because I needa sticky some stuff (not demanded). I know that's a lot, but at the least make me a GFX mod or an event hoster. I really want to be a site helper though.

    Thanks for considering,


    Note: I sent this to InfinityZX. Copy and pasted from the private message that was sent to him.
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    Post by InfinityZX on 02/03/09, 10:33 pm

    Those are good suggestions.Very Happy

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