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    Post by Hero on 04/03/09, 01:34 am

    Dear MMOFever members or previous NexonKiller members,

    NexonKiller was shut down after NEXON America Inc.'s complaint regarding the DMCA law (Digital Millennuim Copyright Act).

    This is what I received:

    Nexon America Inc. (“Nexon†) is the owner of the Website, www.nexon.net (the “Website†) The website contains Nexon’️s copyrighted material and the intellectual property in the Video Games on the Website, which include the games MAPLESTORY and COMBAT ARMS (the “Games†), as well as the original images on the Website and embedded in the Games, and the object and source code for the site. In addition, Nexon is the owner in the trademarks NEXON, MAPLESTORY and COMBAT ARMS, as well as hundreds of other trademarks used in association with the website.

    You are currently hosting the following website: www.nexonkiller.com (the “Rogue Website†). This website is a haven for hackers of the Game, and for those who have illegally misappropriated Nexon’️s intellectual property: The people who run this Rogue Website specifically distribute and allow for the download of hacking software for the Games. Because of this, the Rogue Website is severely damaging the Games and hurting Nexon’️s business.

    I hereby state that Nexon America Inc. is the owner of copyright in the images attached hereto and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the infringing use was not authorized by it, its agents or the law. I further declare under penalty of perjury that this notice is accurate and that I am authorized to act as Nexon America Inc.’️s agent in this matter. Pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and your Terms of Service, Nexon America Inc. demands that you shut down the Rogue Website and remove the infringing material contained on said site.
    Due to this request, the website was down. I had approximately 3 experience on having his websites shut, these website are "Rogue websites" that are dedicated to hacking Maple Story. Now that he has no backup of Nexon Killer, I decided to make a new forum with no hacks at all and have a fresh start.

    There will be no hacking allowed in this forum.

    You can do many things within this forum:

    Have you caught the fever? Because we have! Come associate with our fantastic devoted Multiplayer Gaming Community and be part of the family. With our selection of games you are bound to find something to your liking. Take advantage of our Market section and trade your accounts/items for something you’ve always wanted. Check out our GFX section to enter the SOTW battle and you could be the one who wins our grand prize! MMOFever… come feel the heat.


    Me: Have you seen this on the internet before? Well it's a fake letter to stop Nexon Killer. Nexon Killer was only temporarily shut down and Blaze bought another vBulliten account and made the site mmofever.net. This site will be sold for $100 later. Nexon Killer will be up with hacks again! Good news to all of us eh GM?

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